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The organisation was founded inspired by basically the issue of youth unemployment. We chose education as a medium to address this issue as we believe that education is an empowerment tool that doesn’t only provide knowledge but it also provides information, teaches us to think, positively affects our emotional intelligent and shapes our world views and perception. Our foundation designs programs that aim to rehabilitate the many gaps that we have found in our education system.With the transformation perpetuated by the new democratic alignment, the education landscape is also shifting towards accommodating the new demographic inclinations and with that it means that there are certain things that we haven’t entirely figured out and we took the initiative to be advocates of the process of rebuilding the education system to suit our new demographic  structure in a way that benefits everyone including those that cannot speak for themselves. We offer programs such as exhibitions, career counseling, social camps etc. to underprivileged communities in order to bridge certain gaps that government hasn’t yet identified or can outsource.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Why us ?

Being from the rural areas ourselves, we have first-hand experience of existing in a place where everything is far. With the rapid developments in South Africa, we are aware that there are places that still lack the basic life resources let alone advanced and secondary resources such as information resources such as a decent library or a computer centre equipped with internet facilities. Our country is still lagging behind in terms of technological development and that affects the speed at which information is spread and how far it reaches. We would like to advance this through the foundation by delivering this information and resources to the disadvantaged areas where the people cannot access these things by themselves. Our main objective is to deal with the issue of youth unemployment and we are doing so by addressing different aspects to the problem by employing different feasible solutions. We have a thorough vision regarding this and we have put a lot of work into researching the problems and designing proper solutions that will be long-term effective and feasible. The involvement of our education professionals such as university professors, Department of Basic Education, Statistics Department, Economics researches etc. means that we have an in-depth view of the issues and we know where we are going with this. We are advocates of change and growing up in an age where we literally watched our country translate from an old system to a new one, we are highly cognisant of the needs of the next generation with the knowledge of the precious system and the new one.


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